About Sara

Sara Waters MA, LPC

Authenticity. Is. Everything.

My heart’s greatest desire is authentic connectiondeep, meaningful connection to ourselves, to each other, and to the greater world around us.  I believe that through mindful connection, we are able to experience infinite degrees of wholeheartedness, fulfillment, success, joy, and love.  My motto is “get real”, because living in ways that are anything other than authentic is burdensome and disconnecting.  I believe that authenticity is freedom.

Through speaking engagements, I facilitate a process of personal and professional self-discovery and understanding to audiences craving growth, expansion, healing, transition, innovation, and change.  I have worked with corporate and organizational groups of varying sizes throughout the country and love collaborating on how to hone these intentions and messages in a way that feels relevant and meaningful to each audience.

I love individual psychotherapy.  I believe it can be a profoundly helpful and healing tool.  I specialize in teen and adult psychological health.  My goal is to help you discover and become the best version of yourself.  I have experience supporting individuals and couples as they overcome struggles in their daily lives as well as things from the past that continue to weigh on them in a distressing or dysfunctional way, possibly affecting one’s relationship with others as well as his/her own self.

One of my priorities is establishing and maintaining a strong therapeutic rapport.  I believe the client/therapist relationship is critical to the healing process.  I strive to create an environment and relationship in which you can feel safe and able to be yourself.

I believe healing is rarely about “figuring things out” in a cognitive way (although that does sometimes end up being a pleasant  byproduct of the work).  Trauma and difficult past experiences or consequences of relationship dynamics like to live in our limbic system, in our body, in our automatic reactions, in our dispositions and in how we interpret the world around us.  In order to truly rewire those automatic perceptions and reactions, we need curate experiences that contradict those maladaptive dispositions.  This kind of healing rarely (arguably never) happens with only cognitive-based therapies.  Therefore, I almost always incorporate psychoeducation and experiential work involving an individual’s somatic narrative into therapeutic programming.

I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a powerful therapeutic tool that can be utilized for many issues including, but not limited to: anxiety, trauma, and disturbing thoughts and memories.
(A great website to reference for more information on this modality is EMDRIA.org.)

I am also trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS), another incredibly strong and evidence-based practice.  As a clinical treatment, IFS has been rated effective for improving general functioning and well-being by working with multiplicity of the mind combined with systems thinking.
(For more information on IFS, check out SelfLeadership.org.)

My Masters degree work was completed in the CACREP accredited Counseling Psychology program at Colorado Christian University in 2013.  I finished my Bachelors degree in Psychology in 2002 at the University of Kansas.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Colorado.  I have experience working in both the Christian and secular settings.  I believe that every human being is incredibly unique and we will, therefore, customize your treatment plan according to your personal needs.

To set up a free 30-minute consultation, call me at 719.357.9224.

American Counseling Association (since 2009)
Colorado Counseling Association (since 2013)
EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) (since 2014)

Recognized by EMDRIA as EMDR-trained
Recognized by the Center for Self Leadership as IFS-trained
Recognized by the State of Colorado as a Licensed Professional Counselor

To read more about my education, training, and experience, check out my LinkedIn profile!