Virtual Presentation: School During Pandemic & the Psychological Wellness of Our Kids

*In the days since I posted this article on my blog, it went viral and my email inbox has filled up with messages from parents, educators, school administrations and community members from all over the United States and up in Canada (hi guys!) inquiring about speaking availability.  In light of the overwhelming response, I am offering 1-hour virtual presentations on the topics related to the article.  I recognize what a complex time this is for everyone.  As such, I’ve dropped my speaking costs and am offering my services for $500 per hour-long presentation.

I’m committed to scheduling as many presentations as I can fit onto my calendar in the upcoming weeks and months.

Contact me directly via email ( for scheduling.

Adjustments to Session Scheduling + Response to COVID-19

Effective March 16th, 2020

In light of the current situation with COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the approach to therapy sessions requires some adjustments.  Like so many others, I’m feeling a lot of confusion about what is happening and how to handle it.  This is just such unfamiliar territory, especially as a small business owner.  At this time, with the information I have, the most loving thing I can think to do is temporarily discontinue in-person sessions.  Starting on Monday, March 16th, I will be holding sessions via phone or video only.  I conduct phone and video sessions weekly already and feel fully comfortable and confident in its capacity for effectiveness.  My hope is to resume face-to-face sessions on Monday, March 30th, although I recognize that will be determined by the progress of containment of the virus.  I promise to communicate directly with each individual client with updates.  I respect any decisions to cancel sessions during these intermittent weeks.  If you remain scheduled for a phone or video session, the 24-hour cancellation policy does still apply.  I will miss seeing my clients in-person over the coming weeks and will be so excited to be back in the office as soon as possible!  Please feel free to contact me directly via email ( or phone/text (303.525.3426).  

Good things will come from all of this.  Sending so much love and wishes of wellness your way.