Counseling Teens

Growing up is hard!  Those transitions from childhood into adolescence then from the teenage years into adulthood can be brutal.  As the young adult explores his/her identity and has experiences of trying to figure out where they fit in and belong, insecurities, boundary testing, moodiness, and inconsistent or low confidence and self esteem, his/her ability to function and move forward in life with optimism and excitement can seem impossible!  If there are difficult life experiences, transitions, trauma, or relationships from the teen’s life, these things add to the already-complex web of struggle.  No wonder its so hard to be a teenager!!!!  This can be such a thrilling time in a young person’s life, but it does not come without challenges.  Hey teen, if you are reading this, please hear me out… no matter what you are struggling with (the thoughts, the behaviors, the shame, the stuckness, the anger, the sadness)… you are not crazy.  Some space and guidance to sort it all out can help you to feel sooooooo much better.  Come talk to me, you aren’t alone and there are absolutely ways to lighten the load that you are carrying.

At Red Rocks Counseling, teens can learn healthy ways to cope and adjust as they navigate into adulthood.  Topics I commonly work with teen clients are:

Low self-esteem
Loss & grieving
Family problems
Self-harming behaviors
Self confidence
Attachment issues
Disordered eating/body image
Abuse (verbal, emotional, physical, sexual)
Substance abuse
School problems
Self identity
School/sports success
Direction & motivation
PTSD/complex trauma
Panic attacks
Teenage pregnancy
Life transitions (relocations, family blending, new siblings, etc)
Time management
Anger issues

At this age, it is understandable and expected that counseling may be met with some resistance from the teen.  That’s okay, we can work through it.  My goal is to offer a comfortable environment and work towards a healthy client/therapist relationship in which the individual feels they can trust me with their vulnerability and feared emotions and information.  We will work together to help him/her feel empowered to make healthier decisions.  Finding the right therapist for a young adult is so important!  That connection is critical in the therapeutic process, especially with a teen.  Call to schedule a free 50-minute consultation, then we will decide if Red Rocks Counseling is the best fit for the teen’s needs.